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  • Founded in 1980

    In 1980, a modest 16-square-meter jewelry workshop witnessed the start of today’s leading brand in gold and jewelry manufacturing, L’azurde.
  • First showroom outside Saudi Arabia

    L’azurde started its first showroom in KSA and followed this with many other showrooms across the Middle East and North Africa.
  • Jeddah welcomes 1st L’azurde branch

    L'azurde opened its first branch in Jeddah...

    and proudly introduced its logo.
  • Breaking new grounds

    The "Ghazal and Asrar" collections were launched.
    Our efforts during this year were rewarded when we ended up as semi-finalists in the International JDI Awards.
    The opening of our new factory made this a special year.
  • International star Elissa the new face of L’azurde – L’azurde craftsmanship wins accolades

    We signed an endorsement agreement with the Lebanese Superstar Elissa.

    And with the celebrity endorsement, we launched the first "Miss L'azurde" campaign.

    L'azurde won the coveted Tahitian Pearl Trophy Middle East as a testament to its high-quality craftsmanship.
  • Recognition on Forbes’ Top 40. “Miss L’azurde” collection campaign launched

    We ranked 13th on Forbes' Top 40 Arabic Brands.
    The new "Miss L'azurde" collection was launched...

    and with it the new "Miss L'azurde" campaign.
  • “L’azurde & I” Collection launched

    The "L'azurde and I" collection was launched.
  • “4 elements” collections in stores

    It was time to redesign our logo.
    L'azurde introduced the new "4 Elements" collections featuring details of fire, earth, wind and water respectively.
  • New L’azurde logo sees light with new collection

    L'azurde's new logo was introduced,
    as well as the new 2011 collection and its campaign.
  • Designs of gold and diamond with luxurious craftsmanship

    We designed a wide range of collections, in both gold and diamond that cater to the different occasions in a woman's life. From the daily-wear collection, the Birthday collection or the Graduation collection to the Wedding, Anniversary and Work collections - all these offer beautiful jewelry pieces that accentuate a woman's beauty during every special moment in her life.
  • Inspirations of Arabian women and cultural heritage

    For L'azurde, the Arabian woman is a true inspiration and the reason behind every creation. With 30 years of experience, L'azurde has a strong cultural heritage that enables it to understand women better and create diamond and gold pieces that cater to their desires and needs.
  • Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk ambassador to L’azurde gold collections

    With elegance and sophistication, Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk graced our Gold collections. As the face of those collections and as one of L’azurde ambassador she has been able to reach a wide audience especially in North Africa where her Arabian beauty and style mimic that of L’azurde jewelry.
  • Egypt welcomes its first L’azurde store

    July 2014 was a day to remember as it witnessed the opening of the first L’azurde store in North Africa. Gold, diamonds, intricate craftsmanship and elegance are now available to our customers to add glamour to their lives.
  • The “Dream Collection” is launched in collaboration with Lady Fozaza

    One of the most sought after fashion figures in the Middle East, internationally-acclaimed fashion designer, consultant and stylist Al Anoud Badr joined hands with L’azurde to create a trendy collection. Known as “Lady Fozaza”, Al Anoud’s trendsetting design expertise and the craftsmanship of L’azurde resulted in the chic Dream diamond collection that is successful amongst the G.C.C youth.
  • L’azurde welcomes back Superstar Elissa

    A global brand like L’azurde should be represented by a global star : Elissa! This year we welcomed back L’azurde’s brand ambassador to be the face and representative of all L’azurde collections. Her stardom and appeal coupled with our craftsmanship have made a partnership made in jewelry heaven.