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Even while wearing your jewelry, there are a few things you can do to protect it. Only put it on after you have finished applying makeup, perfume and hairspray. Besides, try to handle gems and pearls with extra care as the oils from your skin can build up and gradually dull the stone. 

Make sure you take your jewelry off when doing any hand or housework. Bracelets are easily broken or bent if they catch on anything. Harsh cleaning solvents can also damage all kinds of jewelry, especially pearls.

If you wear earrings, it's usually best to remove them at the hairdressers, so the stylist's comb won't catch them. Never wear pearl earrings or necklaces if you're having your hair colored: some coloring agents contain alcohol and other chemicals that can damage the sheen of pearls.

Moreover, think about wearing your bracelets or watch on the wrist opposite your lead hand – so if you're right-handed, wear them on your left. Because you use that hand less, the jewelry is kept safer.