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Cleaning your diamonds
As your valuable jewelry is a symbol of eternity, you should treat every piece with special care. Brush your precious stones gently with a toothbrush in a bowl of warm and liquid detergent suds. Then put it in a wire strainer and rinse under a warm tap, before patting it dry with a soft and lint-free cloth.

Cleaning your gemstones
Cleaning gemstones is easy. Just soak the piece in a bowl of warm, soapy water for several minutes and then use a soft, non-metallic brush to remove any grime. If you use a jewelry cleanser, make sure it's non-abrasive. Don't use harsh chemical cleaners, and don't clean the item in the sink – all too often jewelry ends up down the drain!

Always remember that some gemstones are treated or enhanced by oiling or diffusion. These stones may become lighter if you scrub them too hard. The oil on an emerald can be stripped away by cleaning, which will change the look of the stone. However, you can also bring your L’azurde jewelry to us to have it professionally cleaned and repaired.